Tiger Dragon Tattoo

Tiger Dragon Tattoo Tiger Dragon Tattoo – Unique and Powerful

Tattoos with designs incorporating both a tiger and a dragon represent quite a powerful combination since both the tiger and the dragon are considered symbols of power and strength. The tiger in itself symbolizes strength, invincibility, might, and power. The dragon symbol represents protection, power, strength, and strong will. Both the tiger and the dragon are popular in both Eastern and Western genres and are also richly described in Chinese, Japanese and other cultural myths and legends. The meaning behind the tiger dragon tattoo may depend on the position of the tiger and the dragon.

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Different Styles of Tiger Dragon Tattoo

In the Oriental culture, the Dragon is considered the defender while the Tiger is considered as the aggressor. The Dragon and the Tiger are usually facing off in the posture for battle and are on the same level of strength and ability so this design has been considered a Yin and Yang symbol. The yin and yang are opposite and complementary forces in Chinese philosophy. The tiger and the dragon together in one tattoo design represent opposing forces that are in equal balance and harmony. The dragon represents the female force of protection while the tiger represents the male force of power and strength; together they represent the union of heaven and earth. This symbol is superstitiously believed to help keep unwanted spirits and enemies from attacking and creeping up behind you.

There are also tiger dragon tattoo designs wherein one is shown to overpower the other. When the tiger is shown to win against the dragon, it usually means aggression or being in the offensive, the achievement of one’s personal interests. But when the dragon is shown to overpower the tiger, it represents a victory against dark forces.

Best Placement for Tiger Dragon Tattoo

There are no general rules or standards for the placement of a tiger dragon tattoo design since it is not a traditional design. Placement and style can be unique and may have a personal significance to the one wearing the tattoo. There are, however, popular spots where a tiger dragon tattoo is placed. It is usually placed on the back, the legs, or the upper arm. But in the end, it is really up to the wearer and the tattoo artist on what placement, style or design would be most suitable.

Tiger Dragon Tattoo as Yin and Yang Symbol

Tiger Dragon TattooThe tiger dragon tattoo is popular for both men and women. Although it originated as a Japanese style tiger dragon tattoo, this combination is popular with many variations coming in different sizes and colors. Usually, the tiger dragon tattoo is also combined with the yin yang symbol or the tiger and dragon is drawn in a yin yang formation. In the Chinese doctrine or philosophy of feng shui, the tiger and the dragon are considered gods of wind and water and are the key principles of this doctrine.

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